A Day’s Worth of P90X3 Nutrition :: What Does It Look Like?

I have gone through the P90X3 Nutrition Guide and planned out a days worth of food. Please note this comes out to roughly 3,000 Calories as recommended for me after completing the nutrition quiz.

Breakfast: 3 Protein 5 Carb 2 Fat
1.5 Cups cooked rolled oats
2 Cups of unsweetened Almond Milk
3 Tbls. of dried dates
6 Tbls. protein powder
2 Tbls. shredded coconut
5 large egg whites
1 egg yolk

AM Snack: 3 Carb 2 Fat
1 whole grain english muffin
3 tsp. nut butter
1 small apple

Lunch: 3 Protein 5 Carb 3 Fat
1/3 Cup quinoa
1.5 Cups edamame in shel (1/2 Cup shelled)
3 medium carrots
1.5 Cups chopped onions
1 stalk celery
2 medium peppers, or 3 Cups sliced
3 tsp. coconut oil

PM Snack: 1 Protein 3 Carb
5 hard boiled egg whites
5 Tbls. hummus

Dinner: 3 Protein 4 Carb 3 Fat
2 Cups cooked spinach
1/2 large baked sweet potato
1 Cup salsa
3/8 medium avocado
1/3 Cup brown rice
9 oz. chicken breast or veggie burger patties

I implanted this data into MyFitnessPal (eatclean2trainmean) and while the Calories are pretty much dead on, the macronutrient breakdown is a bit out of whack. I expected this as I was planning out the day due to the nutrition guide sorting foods based on primary nutrients only. For instance, quinoa is counted as a Carbohydrate, but NOT as a source of protein. Therefore, I still have a bit of tweaking to do if I want to hit that 40/30/30 goal.

As of now, with the days nutrition as listed above, the Macro breakdown is actually more like 35/35/30.

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